Wolves Den - Flint, Michigan 

The Wolves Den In Flint is a close knit team of local residents, environmentalists, and indigenous activists currently working on the ground in Flint, MI. Many of them spent months on the ground at Standing Rock helping to provide lodging, food, gas, and transportation for water protectors. They are now working on restoring homes, providing clean water, building raised bed gardens, and raising awareness on the water crisis in Flint, MI.
The Flint community rocketed into the spotlight just over three years ago when the Michigan government confirmed, without a doubt, that the water was indeed poisoned. Since then, three years have passed and almost nothing has changed with the exception of no more cameras and mainstream media spotlight. The water is still contaminated while the water rates are still some of the highest in the country.
Their organization, Wolves Den in Flint, is not a fancy club or private institution. They are a collective of everyday citizens centered in prayer and determined to succeed where our government has failed. Through collaboration with the Oceti Sakowin Love Water Truck, they have the ability to provide clean water filtered through reverse osmosis to residents daily. They are currently collaborating with a multitude of organizations including but not limited to Veterans Respond, Progressive Independent Party Truth Against The Machine, Withstand With Wolves, Women’s Indigenous Media, The Green Party,  and Relatives In Prayer. They are working towards the larger goal of making sure that all of the pipes in Flint are replaced. 
They need your help to make this operation a success. It takes a lot to house, feed, transport volunteers, and provide the building materials for projects that help neighbors and public spaces. Moreover, they need more voices at the tables and bodies on the ground. They need skilled individuals willing to volunteer their time to the people of Flint whether it be for a day, a week, or until the water runs clean. They need support from allied individuals, organizations, and media outlets. 
We need your help now to be able to lift up this struggling community. These people are in need of immediate restoration. They ask that you will stand with us in the fight for clean water.


What are they fighting?-

They are fighting the injustices and water crisis of Flint Michigan. This team is trying to serve the public by helping the community and combat the desperate water situation.


Can you go to camp?-

Yes! They are always seeking more volunteers to come join in serving the people of Flint. They need people ready to work including specialties such as electricians, plumbers, healers, medically trained individuals, as well as people who can teach new ways to be eco-friendly and universally healing. If you would like to attend camp please email them at 



Where is camp?-

Camp is in the city of Flint Michigan. 


What to expect at camp-

Wolves Den in Flint do not allow drinking, drugs, or weapons of any kind. They are a diverse group. Hate or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.


How can you help camp?-

Wolves Den Camp needs supplies here's a supply list:

Food and water, Data cards Boost Metro Straight Talk, Gas cards, Tools including yard tools, Hygiene supplies Tobacco, sage, Water jugs preferably not plastic! Medical supplies Blankets, pillows, Solar showers

Go to camp, serve the Flint residents by attending camp and helping out! DONATE HERE

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